Enterprise Colloborative Communications

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68e72a79214b0d8ff99841bb20c99898Enterprises today are considering a colloborative communications (ECC) platform as the foundation for a wide-scale rollout of personal video conferencing capabilities. Personal video conferencing promises to give PC-, Macintosh-, smartphone-, and tablet-enabled information workers the ability to connect with colleagues, customers, and partners in a more direct, intimate, and efficient manner, while the ECC connection promises anywhere, anytime click-to-call convenience with an IT-friendly architecture.

One of the leading platforms, if not THE leading platform, for enterprise deployments of ECC is NKSoft’s iMeet.Biz. NKSoft’s current product is iMeet.Biz.

NKSoft’s strategy with iMeet.Biz appears to have been based on a long term evolution that began with minimal native voice and video capabilities and a reliance on third party “partners” to bridge the gaps. Over time however, NKSoft has gradually filled in the missing pieces, particularly with respect to audio, telephony, and video, thereby forcing independent partners either to a higher functionality ground or moving them off the existing tool altogether. In this vein, NKSoft introduced a number of video conferencing capabilities that have historically been relegated to dedicated systems and services, while delivering several video conferencing features that have never before been available, including support for scalable video coding (SVC) and continuous presence multipoint displays via a gallery view. Nevertheless, enterprises today still face several significant challenges when the goal is to use iMeet.biz as the mainstay of their visual communications deployment.


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