Enterprise Colloborative Communications

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68e72a79214b0d8ff99841bb20c99898Enterprises today are considering a colloborative communications (ECC) platform as the foundation for a wide-scale rollout of personal video conferencing capabilities. Personal video conferencing promises to give PC-, Macintosh-, smartphone-, and tablet-enabled information workers the ability to connect with colleagues, customers, and partners in a more direct, intimate, and efficient manner, while the ECC connection promises anywhere, anytime click-to-call convenience with an IT-friendly architecture.

Enterprise Social Network – Opportunities 2014- 2020

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59c742a75572d988f93079d4a22d3c1d (2)Social networks on the Internet are becoming extremely popular and have begun to change the way we live and work (Fraser and Dutta 2008). Some of these networks are business-oriented and can create work-related opportunities. The most notable of these is LinkedIn, which concentrates on business connections and job placements. Since 2007, numerous major corporations have opened pages on Facebook, MySpace, Second Life, LinkedIn and other social networks (Rutledge 2008). Web 2.0 technologies, including wikis, discussion forums, blogs, and microblogs (most notably Twitter), are currently being successfully used by many companies. Facebook is rapidly expanding its advertising and marketing activities with close to a million businesses having a presence there. An International Data Corporation study (Dangson 2009) reported that 57% of U.S. workers already use social media for business purposes at least once per week. The aforementioned social- and business-oriented networks are public. Anyone can join the communities they provide to build a network. Enterprises also have the option of creating in-house, private social networks that are restricted to employees and members with whom they are affiliated or have a business relationship (such as retired employees, customers, and suppliers).


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