Infinite Possibilities

The benefits of online collaboration, supported by knowledge, project,

and social networking tools are many.

Global Fashion Design

A large clothing retailer’s spring fashion show debut
depends on new design work being finished in time.
Key designers at HQ in Dallas and designers in New
York, Paris and Bangladesh collaborate in joint
design sessions to complete prototypes in time.




Critical Project Staffing

Remote employees are critical resources and need to be
on the company team full-time to support a project.
All team members are given access to the working
project room for open team access for the critical
project. Team members are connected in one
collaborative environment including remote employees.



Medical Services Delivery

A patient at a remote medical clinic is not improving
nor responding to traditional treatment, the doctor is
needed. Nurse practitioner at the remote clinic makes
arrangements for online office hours with a doctor at a
large urban hospital. An examination is conducted live
with doctor, patient, and nurse to diagnose and select
new options.



Executive Strategy Met

The CEO’s new sales strategy needs review by his top
advisers, but they are located in international offices.
Consult with critical resources no matter where they
are currently located. Executives and top advisers can
review strategy and work out a tactical game plan.




Client Services Delivery

The client asks for a look ahead at the “Next Step” plan.
No meeting was planned, but a response is needed.
Assemble the available team members together for a
quick briefing to finalize the plan and invite in the client
after you’ve discussed how to satisfy the request. 



Marketing Message Sent

The new message and the product roll-out plan needs
marketing representative buy-in to succeed.
When you know the intricacies of your sales channel and the
key players in it, collaboration is perfect for keeping the reps,
dealers, partners, and resellers in line and on the same page.



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