What iMeet Does



Responding to the need

for people to work together.


We developed a real-world approach:

• based on how people actually work together
• designed to simplify and streamline the collaborative path to success
• including Enterprise Knowledge / Project / Social Networking management

Collaborative Communication


Meetings can take place anywhere –

the office, the airport, or a hotel.

iMeet delivers an integrated audio/video collaborative experience.

Project Management



   Managing the work is critical to

   realize value and maximize ROI.


     iMeet was designed with project management in mind.


      •To handle the collaborative work flow of teams
      •To control scope, direction, and execution





Knowledge Management


Managing knowledge creates opportunities to accomplish work instantly.

All relevant content can be used in

the collaborative environment.


•To centrally house and control knowledge
•To easily access and live update working documents             






Enterprise Social Networking



Social networking fosters positive interactions and strengthens company cultural bonds.

      iMeet was designed with tools to interact socially.


        •To manage the social habits of people within organizations
        •To manage activities with organizers, participants, and volunteers


















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